Keep Your Neck Warm This Winter

If you want to keep your neck toasty this winter – read on.

Are you chilly? Does the weather outside make you want to hibernate? Neck warmers might be just the thing for work or play in cold conditions. Neck warmers are not scarves, but actually encircle your neck and sometimes cover your head as well.

One of the main benefits of neck warmers is that they keep your neck warm and comfortable when working or playing in a cold, wintry climate. There are neck warmers that are fashionable such as cowl neck button closure types, turtle neck types that are not part of a sweater or even the Chunky warmers that have been hand crocheted. On the other end of the spectrum you can find strictly functional neck warmers that are used by motorcycle riders or anyone who needs or wants to spend a lot of time out in the frosty air.

Aside from these garments being practical they are really comfortable. Most people tend to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but frankly people don’t necessarily need to make any sacrifices when choosing attire. Neck warmers are very comfortable to wear since they are available in so many soft and warm fabrics and that alone can really make wearing them enjoyable.

Neck warmers come in many styles and can be purely functional or plush and fashionable. Their prices range to fit in nearly any budget, but if you want to add a dash of stylishness you may have to pay a little more. If keeping your neck warm is your desired outcome without dealing with the added bulk of a winter scarf, this is the garment for you

There are a few different terms that are used for neck warmers and you might want be familiar with them so you can choose the right one for you. A full face neck warmer is like a ski mask or balaclava which also covers the head. A neck gaiter is just another term for a neck warmer that only covers your neck to the chin and may sometimes cover the ears. A neck sleeve is usually a bit more close-fitting, but only covers the area from neck to chin. Scarflettes are a name for some of the more fashionable types of neck warmers. Neck warmers are also available in many different fabrics like crochet or knitted ones which range in content from wool to cotton or any other material from which yarn is made. Cotton, nylon, fleece and even stretchy ones are also available.

When shopping for neck warmers establish your budget early on in the process. Just like choosing anything, knowing what your budget is can help you choose the right neck warmer for your needs. Be certain to not just consider the price but also the quality of the garment before making your purchase.

When shopping for neck warmers there are many choices to keep in mind. First, you will want to consider the need you want the garment to fill and your budget. You might want to ask yourself if you want to have full range of vision and if the answer is yes you may want to purchase a simple Neck Gaiter that only covers the neck to the chin. If you want full vision with a good turning range of motion something a bit tighter such as a neck sleeve may be appropriate. Just keep in mind that a regular scarf usually makes moving your head more awkward if you are physically active at work or play so a neck warmer may be your best bet.

Purchase a neck warmer and see if it fits into your lifestyle. You may end up owning more than one!

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Beige Women Winter Knitting Wool Cotton Blends Collar Neck Warmer
This cotton blend Neck Warmer is available in beige. It surrounds your neck to keep it toasty during the harsh winter weather.